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Our Solutions

Public Sector

Atlantis Corporate Travel will allocate a Dedicated Travel Manager to offer a highly personalised service. In your Dedicated Travel Manager’s absence and depending on your company’s annual travel spend; a second, third or fourth point of contact will also be allocated to your company to ensure we are completely familiar with your travel needs.


In such a demanding industry, you require a travel partner that will understand what is required from a Marine company. Atlantis Corporate Travel has experience in providing tailor-made travel solutions for the Marine and Offshore industries.

Corporate Sector

We guarantee a smooth transition of our prospective clients from their existing travel provider to Atlantis Corporate Travel with our Business Development Manager’s hands-on approach. Atlantis Corporate Travel is a firm believer in building Multi-level Relationships from the word go to understand your Travel Needs in-depth. 

Event Management

Our Specialist Team; Atlantis ICE creates memorable events, conferences and meetings that capture your imagination through out-the-box ideas and execution. Our expertise, in combination with carefully crafted methods and processes, promises an efficient and structured development of event strategies

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